What Are the Reasons YOWhatsapp Is Not Installing?

When we try to download and install any app from the Google Play Store it takes a few minutes to get the app. But when you get any APK from another source, it takes more than a few minutes to install on your device. YoWhatsApp is one such APK that needs to be installed from another source.

While installing the YoWhatsApp APK, many users face one issue that the APK is not installed. It is obvious that when it happens you wonder why is YoWhatsApp not installing. Here we are with the answers to your questions.

why yowhatsapp not installing

Possible Reasons Why Yo WhatsApp is Not Installing

There can be many reasons why YoWhatsApp is not installing on your device. The reasons are common and can be fixed easily. Here are some of the common reasons behind not installing the app.

Cache and Error Codes

If installing the Yo WhatsApp is a problem, it is probably because of an error code at the end of the download. These error codes occur when there is so much cache data in the device. We need to get rid of that if we want to download the app.

You can go to the phone settings and then remove the Google account you are using. After removing the account, you need to restart the phone. Once you restart the phone again, they will ask to add the account again. It will be easy, so add the account and then go to the app’s info. Clear the cache data from the storage, and voila! You are free to install the app again.

Inadequate Device Space

Whether we are downloading any app or any mod for the phone, space is crucial for that. We cannot get an application on the phone if we don’t have the space for using it. It is not that complex issue to get rid of; this one is pretty easy.

All you need to do is, clear out some space. It will be easy. Just clear out the data that you don’t need. It can be photos, videos, documents, or even apps that are of no use. Or, another option that we have is, we can move the data to an SD card. Once we do that, we can download the APK file directly from the internet without any hurdle.

APK Compatibility With Device

It might be the reason that we cannot solve though. This happens when the phone’s software is very old and not compatible with the file’s version. It happens because all the modified apps are made with keeping the new tech in mind. So if the device is very old, it is not possible to download the file in it.

APK is Not Available in Your Region

When the device doesn’t allow the user to download the file from an unknown source, we face this issue. It is an easy setting, and we can change that with few clicks. Go to the settings and search for the option of allowing the downloads from unknown sources. Once you change the settings, recheck the install. The installation will be successful and easy too!


At last, these are the main reasons we cannot install the Yo Whatsapp on the phone. Be sure to check these out and get rid of the issue!

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