WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK Download v1.93 (Official Latest)

If there’s one thing that everybody should have on their smartphones, it’s WhatsApp. It is so far the most used messenger out there. However, despite its adequate functions, its simplicity has become boring for many, hence the emergence of several modifications like WhatsApp Plus Reborn, which we will cover in this article. However, before I proceed to the discussion, I invite you to check other mods at Whats Mod APKs, which you download to APKs.


The Emergence of WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp is a communication app, much like FaceBook messenger. While it is one of the most downloaded apps ever, people believe themselves obligated to have one on their phones.

In that sense, a few engineers have thought that it was coherent and important to devote themselves to making and distributing MODs, that is, adjustments of the first application for sending messages, and similarly, customization of backgrounds and sending of sound, recordings, photos, emojis, and so forth. 

Hence, developers thought it would be right to devote their time to making a better, modded version of WhatsApp. These mods may be what the people are looking for, with a chance to customize their WhatsApp interface, changes in change types of fonts, and a better image and video sharing experience. WhatsApp Plus Reborn is just one of the many mods that came out dedicated to customizing WhatsApp.

What Is WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

WhatsApp Plus Reborn came into being up in 2016 and was a success, until, that is, it was overshadowed by the different, more feature-packed mods like GBWhatsAppWhatsApp+ JiMODsYOWhatsApp, and more, and even more overpowered by Mark Zuckerberg’s buying of the original WhatsApp.

Be that as it may, WhatsApp still left more to be desired, so the WhatsApp APK business remained fierce. The mods started to add more features until the best of the best are jam-packed with features over features over features–endless indeed.

As more mods kept developing, WhatsApp Plus Reborn rose like a phoenix and is now back in the rolling with much better features that could compete fiercely with other mods. 

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK Details:

Here’s where you can download WhatsApp Plus Reborn, but make sure you meet the minimum requirement before you do. 

NameWhatsApp Plus Reborn
Size23.3 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.0 and higher
Latest Update1 day ago

How to Install WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

After you download the APK to your device, do the following to install int. 

  1. Go to settings, then Security. 
  2. Activate “Unknown Sources”
  3. Find the APK file on your device.
  4. Launch the file and follow the instructions
  5. Disable “Unknown Sources (optional but recommended)



WhatsApp Plus Reborn will give you extraordinary upgrades; for instance, you’ll have the alternative to utilize two WhatsApp accounts from a single cell phone, and additionally, ensure that the images you submit don’t lose the original picture’s quality.

  • Send video and audio messages to your contacts.
  • Group chats with up to 50 members
  • Incorporates more emojis than the original application 
  • Lots of layouts and themes
  • Change the shade of the notification symbol. 
  • Conceal your online status

Mod Risk


It’s important to know that WhatsApp is very much aware of the different mods and APKs and will ban any and every user who is caught using it. That’s why you should not use it by itself and utilize it with a different account number from your primary one to avoid the risk of losing all access to WhatsApp.

On the off chance that this warning doesn’t affect you, let me proceed to introduce you to the features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn.

Check updates of other mods in Whats Mod APKs. Other related mod apps like WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Plus Holo are available for download.


What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is one of the oldest mods made to customize WhatsApp. It allows you to customize your interface, protect your privacy (which is an issue in WhatsApp), and even send huge files. After being overshadowed by newer versions, it finally upgraded. You can get the upgrade from WhatsApp Plus Reborn in Whats Mod APKs.

How do I Update WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

To update, go to WhatsApp Plus Reborn in Whats Mod APKs and click on the download button. Install the APK, and it will automatically update your app. 

How do I download WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

To download WhatsApp Plus Reborn, go to WhatsApp Plus Reborn in Whats Mod APKs and click on the download button. The APK will instantly download it into your device. 

How do I install WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

To install, find in your device the file that you downloaded from WhatsApp Plus Reborn. Click on the file and follow the instruction the appears. 


Despite the emergence of numerous feature-powered mods, WhatsApp Plus Reborn, one of the oldest WhatsApp mods, continues to stay in the game. Download the APK and let me know what you think. Drop me a note in the box below.

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