Is GBWhatsApp Safe Or Not? Find Out How You Can Fix It

When it comes to using mods of original applications, it is always risky. We cannot give even a shred of foolproof evidence that there will be nothing unsafe with the use of the application. It happens because we cannot find the application on the Google Play Store at all. Once we get the app on Google Store, we can vouch for it and say that it won’t bring any viruses into the device.

When we talk about GBWhatsApp, it is considered to be the best WhatsApp mod available today. With advanced and easy-to-use features, it has become everyone’s favorite APK. But the question remains the same ‘is GBWhatsApp Safe?’

is gbwhatsapp safe

Is GBWhatsapp Safe?

The answer to this question is YES! Many people believe that it will be risky to use an app downloaded from other sources than Google Play Store. It happens if you are not getting the app from a trusted or authentic source. It may harm your device. But if you get the GBWhatsApp through a direct download link from a trusted source, you will get a virus-free APK.

What Makes GBWhatsApp Special?

A lot of people can ask this question that if we have WhatsApp then why would we go for a mod APK! It is true that when we can use the original app downloaded from the Play Store, why would we go for unsafe (maybe) APK downloaded from an unknown source. The reason behind using GBWhatsApp is the new and unique features that the original app does not have.

Developers make the mod APK more attractive than the original app. Below are some of the features that the original WhatsApp does not have but GBWhatsApp has.

  • First of all, the mod APK has a bunch of calling and blocking features that the original app does not have. One of them is DND feature where you can stop getting calls for sometime.
  • You can turn off the internet for the App only. That means you can still use internet on your phone for other apps, only GBWhatsApp shows you are offline.
  • Unlike the original app, you can turn off the last seen option for specific people.
  • Another interesting feature that the original app does not have is that you can hide the status view. That means if you turn off the settings, no one can know that you viewed their status.

These are some of the reasons why a lot of people like to use this application a lot. They get many features, and they get to experience a lot of different things from it. But no matter what, safety is important, right? And that is why we need to fix the mistake of using the application.

How to Get GBWhatsApp Safely?

The only way to get a safe GBWhatsApp is to download the APK from an authentic source. While downloading the modded APK most of the websites can bring malware or virus. They can also lead to banning your number from WhatsApp. But, if you download the anti-ban version from a trusted site through a direct download link, then it won’t bring any malware or virus.


Safety is something that we cannot mess with and that is why we look for the options that are best for us. So why don’t we keep up with the platforms that are legal and give us virus-free versions of the application?

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