How to Use Yo WhatsApp – A Beginners Tutorial

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app for Android and iOS users. But there are other mod APKs available for Android users which are better than the original WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp is one of them. Although, not many people are aware of the mods. Those who are familiar with WhatsApp can easily use YoWhatsApp. If you are still not sure how to use YoWhatsApp, here we are with a simple tutorial.

how to use Yowhatsapp

Things We Need to Know About YOWhatsApp

It has three tabs: As we know, just like in the normal WhatsApp, YOWhatsapp also has three tabs. And those three tabs are- chats, status, and calls. With these tabs, we can chat with people in their chat window. We can put the status for the contacts and can change who can see them too. Also, we can call our loved ones with just a single click on their name.

Three Options in the Upper Menu:

When we open the app, we see three icons in the upper right corner. We will see an airplane, magnifying glass, and three vertical dots in that menu.

  • Airplane icon: This icon allows us to turn off the internet for the app specifically, so we don’t see any updates. This tab is only visible in the chat tab, where the other two are visible in all three.
  • The magnifying glass: This is the search option. We just have to type the person’s name, and if they use the app, their name will pop up, and we can get started with the chat.
  • Vertical dots: We can see these dots in all three tabs. But when we click on them, they will show different options in different tabs. It is very easy to understand their work right when we see them. So it will be effortless to use it too.

These are the things that we see in the app once we open it. Using the app is definitely very easy, and once you get the hang of it, there won’t be any queries related to that. We just want the best features in the app, and we sure do get them all in the app of Yo Whatsapp. The basic elements are unquestionably the same as the original app, but not all things are similar.


At last, the app is excellent, and we just need to be able to download it on the device. This has to be easy, and once installed, you are in for a perfect way of communicating with friends and family at any time you see fit!

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