How to Use GB WhatsApp – Getting Started With The WhatsApp Mod

GBWhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp mod with the highest number of downloads. Downloading and installing the App is easy, however, not many people know how to use it. GBWhatsApp is similar to the original WhatsApp app. But, the apps are definitely not the same.

If you wonder how to use GBWhatsApp, then this is the article for you. To use GBWhatsApp safely, make sure you download the app from a trusted source and install it properly.

how to use gbwhatsapp

How to Use GBWhatsApp?

Once you have downloaded the GBWhatsapp APK, the first thing that we need to do is, make an account in the app. That is so easy; all you need is an email ID or phone number and internet connection. Fill up the information and give the software access to the contacts, so it gets connected. Once the information is filled in, you are free to use the app and text or call anyone in the contact list or the person who uses this application.

GBWhatsApp Features to Use:

There is not just one, but many things that we get to use in this mod of WhatsApp. We know and have experienced the traditional WhatsApp and how we can use chats, statuses, and calls to interact. But GBWhatsapp isn’t just that; there are so many extended features that we have wanted to use for a long time now.

GBWhatsApp Features Explained:

  • Once we get to the chats tab, we see an icon of Wi-fi in the right corner. With this icon, we can turn off the internet access of the application without turning off the internet of the device. It allows us to use the internet without getting into conversation with people when we don’t want it.
  • In the traditional WhatsApp, we don’t get to choose who can call us, but you can do it very easily here. Not just that, people have got addicted to deleting their messages, but with the help of this mod, you can block that feature too.
  • Didn’t you always wish you could see the other person’s status without letting them know about it? We have, so that must have crossed your mind too. So with this mod, you can change the settings, and you can see the statuses without them knowing it!
  • We get the option to hide the last seen from the contacts. But what if we don’t want to hide it from all? If you don’t want to hide it from all, you get your wish accomplished with GBWhatsapp! Also, you can even hide the delivery and read receipts of the chats too. This way, you can read all messages and still show that you didn’t very effortlessly.


At last, there are so many apps for texting and getting in touch, but WhatsApp is known to be the best of them all. Still, we do feel a scarcity of features, so we have this GBWhatsapp!

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