How to Use FMWhatsApp – Get New Business Messages delivered to Your Phone

Gone are those days, when WhatsApp was the only best messaging app to connect to your loved ones. In recent times, the tech people leave no stone unturned to provide the best apps to the users. FMWhatsApp is definitely one of the best WhatsApp mods today.

A lot of people still don’t know about this APK. Hence, it is hard for them to use the FMWhatsApp like other popular social media apps. If you have previously been using WhatsApp, this won’t be such a tricky aspect for you. We all know and use the different social media apps, but this one is originally for sharing texts, photos, videos, and statuses. And another feature is calling and video calling friends and family too. 

how to use fmwhatsapp

How to Use FMWhatsapp?

Do you want to learn how to use FMWhatsapp? That is pretty easy, and all you need to do is sign up for the application. You can do it with an email ID or phone number. People also prefer making a business account so that they can quickly get info on the messaging app! Let us take you on a tour of different features that we can use in the application!


Texting and messaging is easy, and all you need to do is open the chat window. Select the name of the person you want to talk to, and the window will open. Just type the message and press the green paper airplane button in the corner to send it. Be sure that the internet is turned on, that will be simple. 

Sending photos or videos

It is not that different from messaging because you need to open the chat window for this. Click on the paperclip icon, and a lot of options will pop up. There can be photos, videos, documents, contacts, location, etc. Select an option of your choice and get it done with. 

Share a status

Sending the same picture or a video to all can be a wastage of time. So if you are inclined to share the experience with all, just add it to the status. This way, you won’t be filling up someone else’s gallery, and they will still get to see what you share. The status will be there for 24 hours only, and you can delete it too. But unlike the original WhatsApp, if you delete the status, those who have FMWhatsapp will see the status. 

In the latest version of the FMWhatsApp, you can download and save the status, unlike the original WhatsApp App.


As we defined before, you can call people, and it can be a voice call or video call. You can see the call icon on the right corner of the chat window, so calling is just a click away. Also, it will be easy to perform a group call with this too. But if you don’t prefer people to call you, you can change that in the settings too. 

Privacy and security

It is perfectly safe to use this application. You can set who can access you and your media or even add you to a group. And if by any chance, you feel unsafe from a contact, you can block them too. People also like to encrypt the chats too. So this is also another option we can get only on FMWhatsapp. 

Apart from these above mentioned basic features, there are some more features such as download status, multiple themes, dark theme, and such are there in the FMWhatsApp.


At last, being on social media is undoubtedly something very significant. It is all about making conversations and being connected with loved ones. And honestly, FMWhatsapp has made it easy and fun at the same time. 

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