Why Is FMWhatsApp Not Installing? Common Reasons to Watch Out For

FMWhatsApp is one of the WhatsApp mods available now. Android users can enjoy all the features from the original app along with new features in FMWhatsApp. However, many people think that using mod APK will harm your device or ban you from the original app. But it is not true. If you get the App from a trusted source it won’t harm your device or ban the user.

fmwhtsapp not working

This new application indeed has a lot of benefits that we have been craving. But these days, we have heard many people asking about Why is FMWhatsapp not Installing? So, there can be a lot of reasons why this would happen. It can be due to the software of the phone or other common issues. It is imperative to know all about these because it will help install the app and get its advantages.

Why is FMWhatsApp Not Installing – Common Reasons

If you are looking for the answer to Why is FMWhatsapp not Installing, we will give it to you. Check out the common reasons here in the following points,

Insufficient Space

This is one of the most common reasons for not installing any app. FMWhatsApp needs around 48MB of space on your device. So if there is not sufficient space for it, it would be impossible to install the APK. In that case, you can delete some of the unused apps or unimportant things from the device and then try it again. If there is a good amount of space, there won’t be any hurdle in downloading.

Error Codes

When we use web sources to download APKs, so many websites can increase the cache in the browser. It can lead to an issue while we install any APK. Due to this, we can get to see the different error codes while installing FMWhatsapp. This issue can be quickly resolved too. You just need to remove the Google account, restart the phone, add the account again and delete the cache. Once you do this, it will be easy to install the app.

The software Version of Your Device

If you are using an old device or having an older version of OS, then you can get an issue installing the app. Because the latest version of FMWhatsapp APK does not support the old version of Android OS. If the APK version is not compatible with the phone’s software, there is no solution for it. In this case, either you have to update your device to the latest software available software or need to buy an updated device.


Keeping all other issues or errors apart, if your country has banned the app, you cannot use it. If a country forbids an application, the users are obligated not to use it. If they do, it will be considered an illegal activity.

Bottom Line

Finally, all you need to do is keep an eye out for these common issues. Once the issue is resolved, there won’t be any issue in installing FMWhatsapp! If you find this article useful, leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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